The event, which runs from 20 to 24 March, will be held at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. With over 2500 delegates from around the world expected over the five days, it is a fantastic opportunity for colleagues, Dr Gary Fooks, Dr Rosemary Hiscock, Silvy Peeters, and Fay Beck, to showcase the University and its research on the international stage.

Gary will be giving two presentations: one about tobacco companies' efforts to expand the conflict of tobacco control by making links with neoliberal think tanks and campaign groups and another about their use of charitable donations to influence policy.

Silvy will be presenting two papers; one about the online marketing and promotion of a smokeless tobacco called snus via the Internet, and another on understanding the tobacco industry’s interests in smokeless tobacco and harm reduction.

Fay’s presentation concerns women's experiences of smoking cessation particularly within the NHS stop smoking services.

Rosemary will present on socioeconomic status and smoking, and cigarette pricing. She has also prepared a poster which links the two oral presentations with the theme of sociodemographic characteristics of smokers of low priced tobacco.

Dr Robert Branston from the School of Management will also be attending the conference to present on research undertaken in collaboration with Professor Anna Gilmore, who is Director of the Tobacco Control Research Group. Rob’s presentation will form part of a panel discussion that looks at ‘planning for a tobacco end game’, with his focus being on the regulation of tobacco product prices.

Another member of the Tobacco Control Research Group, David Clifford, has prepared a poster on research undertaken prior to joining the team, highlighting the tobacco industry’s adoption of public health discourses in an attempt to defend the industry’s profitability, which will be presented by his former colleagues from the University of Edinburgh.

Slides for some of the presentations will be made available after the conference on the Tobacco Control Research Group’s website.