Final year students in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences can undertake an annual, online trading education programme with live webinars, feedback and online resources. Students use demo accounts to gain experience on the Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Cryptocurrency markets, culminating in a group trading challenge. The pilot is specifically designed for final year undergraduate students studying Economics degrees, Politics with Economics, and International Development with Economics who have not undertaken a placement, providing them with:

  • transferable skills in risk and money management
  • psychology and market emotions and self-awareness in decision making
  • ability to develop a process-orientated approach to problem solving
  • practical experience in the financial markets and trading systems
  • application of economic principles
  • teamworking skills

The course is delivered by The Two Traders, a business founded by University of Bath graduates. David Starley, MEng Chemical Engineering alumnus and Program Manager at The Two Traders, explains: "The Two Traders is a trading education website set up for the purpose of teaching people the right way to trade and how to avoid the all too common scams in the Forex industry. I’m really excited to provide valuable experience for University of Bath students through our leading online course and trading challenge, not only because I attended the University myself but also since I understand the competitiveness of the graduate job market - the trading education programme is a great asset to add to your CV!"

Emily Richards, HSS Business Engagement Manager adds: "We’re committed to offering innovative opportunities to all Bath students, including those who don’t undertake a placement, to develop their employability skills and to apply their learning. The trading course offers something unique for economics students and breaks down barriers to entering an employment sector often considered inaccessible to many. This programme is especially relevant for any students interested in a career in the finance or investment banking sector."

Each year the course culminates with an award event at the end of March on completion of the challenge. You can find out more about the course in our student blog.