In response to the disruption that this autumn’s intake of students have experienced because of the Covid pandemic, the University launched a ‘Transition Toolkit’ on 2 July.

The Toolkit is an online collection of videos, blogs and activities specifically designed to make this year's incoming students feel more confident about their transition to university.

The Transition Toolkit guides students through the following sections:

  • Preparing to study at Bath - this links to an Academic Skills Self-Assessment Tool which helps students to reflect on their current skill levels and identify their strengths and development areas with recommended resources to help boost their confidence. It also sets out the range of services available at Bath to support their learning.

  • Preparing to live at Bath - moving to university is a big step and this section sets out what it's like to live in Bath, accommodation options at the University and the practical skills that students will need when they move away from home.

  • What our students say - hints and tips from current students and their personal experiences of moving to Bath, making friends at university and dealing with difficult situations.

  • Next steps - what to expect over the coming weeks from results day to induction at the University and Welcome Week.

A link to the Transition Toolkit was sent to all offer-holders and deferred students at the beginning of July and it was viewed nearly 1,000 times on the first day.

We’re using the Transition Toolkit to engage directly with our deferred students and offer-holders, who have been unable to visit campus under normal circumstances, and encourage them to look through the resources over the summer. Hopefully it will give them a better understanding of what to expect when they arrive in Bath in September and alleviate any anxiety they may have about starting university. (Andrew Ross, Head of Widening Participation)

The creation of the Transition Toolkit has been a collaboration between the Skills Centre and the Widening Participation Team from the Department of Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach with input from Student Services.

The content of the Toolkit was informed by a focus group with Widening Participation student ambassadors in the spring. They also reviewed the resource, along with the Skills Centre’s student Co-Creators, before launch.