The UK’s first master’s degree course focused on applying skills in AI to engineering and design is to begin this year at the University of Bath.

The MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Engineering and Design will equip students with skills in applying AI tools responsibly and ethically, combining engineering and design knowledge with data science and machine learning to help solve complex and potentially safety-critical engineering problems.

While several courses related to the development of AI systems already exist, particularly in robotics, the MSc AI for Engineering & Design is the first in the UK to train learners specifically in the integrated application of AI technologies within engineering and design.

Professor Manuchehr Soleimani, who coordinated the development of the course, says: “Engineering and design professionals will be greatly affected by the digital transformation offered by AI tools. Participants in the course will explore AI and machine learning algorithms, learn how AI can help transform society through technological advancements, and understand and prepare for the impact, ethics, and human factors surrounding this new form of technology.

“The MSc in AI for Engineering and Design is the first of its kind and has been designed to equip students with a range of skills and knowledge related to these vital tools, which are becoming crucially important in many areas of engineering and design.”

Prof Soleimani added: “Bath is a leading University both in fundamentals of AI and in its applications. There are some outstanding research activities in all departments of our faculty in the application of AI.”

The MSc will train students for roles in various engineering and design settings. A multi-disciplinary course, it will be offered by and taught by all four departments in Bath's Faculty of Engineering & Design – Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Architecture & Civil Engineering.

Professor Tim Ibell, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Design, said: “This new MSc in AI for Engineering and Design is all about the application of AI in enhancing the competitive advantage of engineers, architects and designers. AI is becoming so important to society in all sorts of ways, and this programme will provide the insights, inspirations and practical possibilities in how it might be exploited. I am thrilled to see it launching at the University of Bath.”

Dr Ricardo Codinhoto, the Faculty’s Director for Postgraduate Taught Courses, says: “It is clear we are in a critical moment to elevate the capabilities of our engineers and designers with cutting-edge AI/ML tools. AI Upskilling is urgent and essential for navigating current and future challenges. Our course is designed to equip students with advanced technological skills, utilizing the latest technological advancements to instigate change in their respective fields.”

The course will be offered as a one-year full-time course or over two years with a professional placement. During the course, students will complete an individual research project.

The course will also have links to the University’s existing Computer Science courses, building connections between those who develop AI and those who apply it.

Prospective applicants can find out more and apply by visiting the course pages:

MSc Artificial Intelligence for Engineering and Design

MSc Artificial Intelligence for Engineering and Design with Professional Placement