Student Living Support provides a homestay service with the aim of housing students looking for affordable and flexible accommodation with Bath-based residents who have a spare room available in their home.

If you are a local resident who would like to offer to host students in your home, you can apply to join our homestay host community.

Hosting can be a richly rewarding experience and an effective way to supplement your household income.

Once registered, we will support you in finding a suitable student or staff member looking for accommodation for a semester or an academic year.

Homestay requirements

To make sure that both you and the students can enjoy all the benefits of homestay, the accommodation you offer must meet certain requirements. We will arrange a visit with you to assess its suitability based on:

  • room size
  • study space
  • furniture, fittings, and storage
  • facilities provided like bathrooms, toilets and kitchen space
  • a visual inspection of potential hazards
  • receipt of appropriate in-date safety certificates like a Gas Safety Certificate

We will also use this opportunity to take photos of the property and answer any further questions you may have.

A template agreement will be provided to all hosts and Student Living Support are available for advice and guidance throughout the hosting process.

Services or companionship beyond that of a housemate cannot be included as part of the agreement. If you are looking for additional support for things like gardening or shopping, consider alternatives like Hapipod.

Read information from the UK government about the general rules and requirements of renting a room in your home.