A new massive, open, online course (MOOC) designed and delivered by psychologists at the University of Bath launches this week for Autism Awareness Week, aiming to help parents and teachers of children on the autism spectrum.

The free course, ‘Good Practice in Autism Education’ which is offered by academics in the University’s Centre for Applied Autism Research, is conducted online over four-weeks.

It is designed to give parents, carers and teachers more information on educational requirements of children on the autism spectrum, to reflect on what constitutes good practice in autism education settings, and to compare specific examples of good practice in autism education.

In view of the current situation many parents now find themselves in, home-schooling children, the researchers behind the MOOC hope it can give parents with autistic children practical tips on getting through the next few months and beyond.

Director of the Centre for Applied Autism Research, Professor Mark Brosnan, explained: “The course has been designed to be accessible to the whole autism community. As well as a wide range of useful information and resources, there are discussion forums for parents and teachers to share their experiences with each other.

“In light of recent events, the course starts with top tips and a discussion around supporting children on the autism spectrum’s learning at home”.

Over four-weeks, participants will learn more about autism and intellectual disabilities, developing an inclusive curriculum and good practice in autism education. It will also provide an opportunity to share good practice with other learners.

You can access and sign up for the free, online course, which starts on Monday 30 March, via https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/autism-education. There are no prior educational requirements.