The Department of Life Science’s Dr Christine Edmead has won the 2023 Zaimis Prize for Sustained Achievement & Leadership in Pharmacology Teaching.

Awarded by the British Pharmacological Society, the accolade recognises sustained achievement and leadership in pharmacology teaching.

The prize, which is awarded every two years, is named in honour of Eleanor Zaimis who became Professor of Pharmacology at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in 1958 and remained Head of the Pharmacology Department until her retirement in 1980.

Christine receives the award in recognition of her long-standing individual teaching excellence and her service to the profession in raising the profile of pharmacology, as well as her personal commitment to developing excellence in the field of pharmacology teaching through life-long learning.

Christine has been engaged in the teaching of Pharmacology for 20 years and in her current role as Director of Studies has led on the design and development of an innovative and engaging curriculum. Her expertise in teaching Pharmacology led to her personal commission to develop self-test, web-based resources to accompany the publication of the 9th and 10th editions of the core undergraduate Pharmacology Rang and Dale textbook.

Speaking of receiving recognition for her work, Christine said: “I feel extremely honoured to have received this award and would like to extend my thanks to my colleagues within the department for their support in the design and delivery of high-quality Pharmacology programmes; to our excellent students whose engagement and success make our role so worthwhile and to the support I have received from industrial collaborators who contribute real world context to our programmes. I gain immense pleasure in teaching and supporting the development of our students through their studies.

This award further strengthens our close collaboration with The British Pharmacological Society; internationally recognised in supporting Pharmacological Research and Education and further raises the profile of the excellence of Pharmacology at Bath.”