Recognition for positive impact in the local community

The University of Bath has received recognition from the Western Training Provider network and Dan Norris (Metro Mayor for the West of England) for commitment to supporting local organisations in developing their workforce through the Share to Support scheme. This initiative, undertaken in partnership with the West of England Combined Authority, addresses critical skills gaps within the local community.

As an international institution with a commitment to the local area, participating in the Share to Support levy scheme enables the University of Bath to invest in our local community and have a positive impact locally.

Empowering Apprenticeships

Through the Share to Support scheme, the University has facilitated the creation of 27 apprenticeships within the local area. These apprenticeships have not only empowered individuals but have also bolstered local charities and businesses. By contributing towards training and development opportunities, the University has enabled these organisations to cultivate their workforce, resulting in tangible benefits for both employers and employees. Representatives from the University of Bath had the opportunity to engage with current apprentices supported by the University, gaining first-hand insights into the programme’s impact.

Rosa, an apprentice from BPM, shared her transformative experience:

Studying whilst working as an apprentice has helped me to expand my knowledge in the field of plumbing and enhanced my understanding of the engineering concepts that this work brings. It has helped me to broaden my thinking and see things in a more detailed and creative way.

Collaboration and Impact

The recent Share to Support levy event brought together representatives from various organisations across the West of England, such as the University of Bristol and Nuffield Health. Speakers from local organisations included Raised in Bristol, a social enterprise dedicated to enhancing opportunities in early years education, and Inclusive Change, a charity advocating for neurodiversity and improved access within the local community. These organisations articulated how vital the Share to Support scheme was to enhance their impact, but also improve the career prospects and confidence of their employees.

Looking ahead, the University remains committed to its partnership with WTPN, aiming to further support the local community. By creating accessible pathways to learning and development, the University of Bath continues to shape brighter futures for individuals and organisations alike within the local area.

Staff Apprenticeships

As part of the levy scheme, the University also offers fully funded apprenticeships for University of Bath staff.

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