Professor Richard Guy has won a major prize awarded by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

The 2022 Dale E. Wurster Research Award in Pharmaceutics, which recognises individuals who have made significant research contributions in the translation of active drugs into safe and effective medicines, has been awarded to Professor Richard Guy from the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Bath.

This prestigious award, conferred by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, recognises Professor Guy’s research optimising medicines to treat diseases of the skin, improving their effectiveness and increasing their accessibility to wider patient populations. He has also contributed to the development of a more user-friendly technology for people living with diabetes to manage and control their blood sugar levels.

Professor Guy’s work, which has resulted in numerous publications and several patents, has been built on fundamental research to better understand how the skin provides a formidable barrier to the transport of chemicals through the skin.

Upon receiving the award, he said: "This award is a fantastic honour and has only been possible because of the sustained efforts of my PhD students, postdocs and collaborators with whom I’ve been fortunate to work.

“With this award, I’ll be able to continue the development of experimental tools to enable the regulatory approval of affordable, complex drug products – including those applied to the skin – and to contribute further to the translation of research into an innovative approach for non-invasive glucose monitoring.”