The University of Bath is delighted to announce the successful applications of two students to each receive a BUTEX scholarship. BUTEX is a membership organisation that aims to promote international learning for British Universities, and offers students of member institutions the opportunity to win scholarships to use to support their study abroad experience. The University of Bath is proud to be a member of BUTEX to give students opportunities to experience different learning environments and cultures across the world.

Each applicant to the BUTEX scholarship was required to submit a poster, a blog, a vlog or an essay discussing some of the challenges of studying abroad. 435 entries from all of BUTEX’s full members were accepted, making this a competitive scholarship for ambitious applicants.

The University of Bath’s two winning applicants, Rose Tehrani and Chelsea Seah will each receive a £500 scholarship from BUTEX for their study abroad exchanges.

Rose, who studies French and Italian with European Studies at the University of Bath, submitted a blog post detailing the top tips for facing three challenges that may be encountered whilst preparing for a study abroad. Rose is now on a year-long study abroad exchange at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, and will return to study at Bath in the next academic year.

Chelsea, who studies Economics at the National University of Singapore, submitted a poster discussing the ways to overcome challenges whilst studying abroad. Chelsea will be coming to the University of Bath in the second semester to study abroad.

Both submissions recognised some strong challenges that study abroad students may face and, as Rose summarised in a winning submission:

A year abroad… will change you, shape you, and of course, challenge you!

We have no doubt that these students will enjoy their time abroad and look forward to hearing all about it.