The University is proud to welcome Global Chair Professor Chuyang Tang to the University of Bath for his first visit from 19th to 23rd June 2023. A world-leading expert in environmental and chemical engineering from the University of Hong Kong, Professor Tang is being hosted by Dr Ming Xie and Professor John Chew from the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Professor Tang’s highly regarded achievements not only led to the patenting of fifteen inventions including the Aquaporin Inside Membranes, commercialised by Aquaporin Asia Singapore, but also developed award-winning nano-functionalized reusable face masks with novel air filters to combat COVID-19.

As part of his visit, Professor Tang will deliver a public lecture on Membranes for Sustainable Water Supplies on Tuesday 20th June at 5.30pm. During the lecture Professor Tang will share his personal journey in the amazing membrane world and will introduce some exciting developments in RO and NF membrane materials and structural designs followed by a welcome reception. Please register for a free ticket using the link below.

The research areas in both Healthcare and Sustainability are priorities of the University of Bath and the collaboration will provide mentoring and lecturing to young academics at Bath whilst engaging in several courses in the Department of Engineering.

Activities at Bath

During his time as a Global Chair, Professor Tang has been undertaking the following activities and will continue to build on these during his time on campus in June 2023:

  • Workshops for mentoring junior academic staff, research seminars and research meetings

  • Contribution to the University’s public relations including academic career stories, social media and research stories

  • Supporting the collaboration between the University of Bath and the University of Hong Kong through his RGC Senior Research Fellowship

  • Building university-level research collaboration between University of Bath and the University of Hong Kong, particularly in the area of sustainability and advanced manufacturing