The University has been reaccredited for another three years with the Secured Environments award, which recognises the efforts to protect itself against crime.

The Secured Environments Accreditation is a scheme developed by the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives and Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International, specialists in community safety, crime risk management and security management.

The initiative helps organisations address their risks and make the best use of security measures already in place.

The University was audited to check it met the six criteria required to receive the accreditation.

The audit comprised of a University staff survey to gain their views on the Security services, plus an on-site visit from an assessor.

The assessor visited campus and the Virgil Building in the city, reporting that the organisation was doing well in 33 out of the 34 assessment areas.

The audit commended the Security team for its activities, including:

  • Responding to reported issues quickly
  • The actions taken to help reduce bicycle theft
  • Launching new security initiatives such as the CallMy app
  • Integrating security measures to new buildings
  • The team’s close working relationship with the police
  • Investment in staff and commitment to their achievement

Brian Schofield, Head of Security Services, said: “The importance of audits cannot be over emphasised. They allow an independent professional auditor to examine closely the practices and procedures within an organisation. This allows the organisation to celebrate successes as well as address identified shortfalls and thus continually improve. This award recognises the efforts of all those involved in supporting the goal of maintaining the secured environment as well as demonstrating to prospective students seeking to attend the University that the Organisation cares about their wellbeing.”

Read more about Secured Environments here.

Also reinforcing the University’s commitment to safety, The Complete University Guide has announced Bath ranks tenth out of universities in England and Wales for low crime levels in 2017.