The University of Bath has formed a new partnership with the Home Office Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE), to provide their expertise to address public safety and security challenges.

Established by the UK Home Office, ACE works across government and the wider public sector to solve pressing front-line mission challenges arising from data, digital and technology. It does this by working with industry and academia through its Vivace supplier community.

Being party of Vivace – and it’s academia-focused ACE Research Network (ARN) – will enable University of Bath researchers to access ACE’s unique insight into significant government challenges, and to work on ACE commissions and participate in ACE events.

Sam Brooks, ACE Research Network (ARN) Lead, says:

On behalf of ACE, I’d like to welcome the University of Bath into our Community. I’m thrilled that an institution with such a strong international reputation and research capability will now have the opportunity to solve some of the government’s most mission-critical challenges. I look forward to working with the University of Bath on future commissions.

Dr Steve Boakes, Head of Business Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange in Research and Innovation Services (RIS) at the University of Bath, says:

ACE has an approach focused on collaborative innovation and we are delighted to be part of their multi-disciplinary Vivace community of over 350 organisations, including academics and SMEs to large multi-nationals. We look forward to collaborating with them and applying our expertise from the University of Bath as they develop new innovative capabilities.

The five-year framework was developed with the support of Consultancy Services. If you are interested in submitting an application for a Vivace ACE bid please contact Julie Chambers, Consultancy Services Manager, in the Business Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange team of RIS:

Please note that staff engaged with ACE will need to undertake security clearance for these projects.

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