Vice-Chancellor’s report

The Vice-Chancellor presented his formal report on key issues facing the University. He also thanked everyone involved in the huge amount of work undertaken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Business Continuity Responses

Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), gave an update on the changes made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including moving teaching on-line and changing assessment methods. Senate noted the extensive work that had been carried out to move to online provision, and received reports from each Faculty and the School, showing that this had been successfully achieved. Changes were approved to the student unit evaluation questions. A response was also agreed regarding doctoral students.

Curriculum Transformation

Professor Lambert gave an update on Curriculum Transformation. Senate approved the principle of revising the academic framework in order to simplify and facilitate the roll-out of curriculum transformation, and in particular to allow existing courses and new courses to operate at the same time, to allow greater flexibility in new course development. It also approved a more flexible timescale.

Student Case Monitoring Data

Senate noted the Student Case Monitoring Data for 2018/19.

Institute for Mathematical Innovation

Professor Jonathan Knight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), reported on the five-year review of the Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI). The review was noted and its recommendations approved. This would be further discussed by Council

Boards of Studies

Senate approved dates for meetings of Boards of Studies in 2020/21 and also a minor amendment to their Standing Orders.

Senate Effectiveness Review

Senate agreed to hold a special meeting on 11 May to discuss the Senate Effectiveness Review.