Dear all,

I wanted to update you on progress on the preparation of the new Masterplan following the consultation events held earlier in the year.

Our new Masterplan will outline potential opportunities for the enhancement of our Claverton campus. We hope that it will also inform the development of the new Local Plan by Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES).

The new Local Plan will set out the planning framework until 2036, with 5-yearly reviews, for the whole of the area covered by B&NES and will address issues such as housing, transport, and economic development. The University Masterplan is being developed in close consultation with B&NES with the aim that it is included within the Local Plan.

I should begin by making clear that the purpose of the Masterplan is to define opportunities that could be delivered as and when required, it is not a finalised plan for the development of the estate. A formal planning application, informed by a detailed feasibility study, would still be required before any specific development opportunity identified in the Masterplan could proceed.

The intention is to identify our potential capacity for future academic, residential and social/recreational facilities. The Masterplan will indicate key parameters in terms of the location and scale of developments, supporting infrastructure required (notably transport and parking), and opportunities for the enhancement of our green infrastructure.

I would encourage you to read the Emerging Masterplan report. This presents a summary of current proposals and reflects consultation feedback and the work undertaken to date.

B&NES has recently published its Local Plan Options paper. Subject to its approval by the Council’s Cabinet, B&NES will be consulting on the paper between 12th November and 21st December 2018. The Local Plan Options document and Strategic Transport Studies will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 31st October 2018.


Professor Steve Egan