Who this message applies to

This message is only relevant to you if you use an IT device using the Linux operating system Ubuntu, which is an alternative operating system to Microsoft Windows.

Ubuntu is most commonly used for research purposes, both on individual devices, as well as those available in shared Faculty spaces.

During the past few weeks, all University-managed devices that need to be upgraded have been showing pop-up messages when you log-in, notifying you to take action.

What you need to do

From 4pm on Monday 3 July, IT devices using the Ubuntu Linux operating system version 18.04 will need a later version (20.04 onwards) to connect to the University network.

To upgrade your device’s operating system to a suitable version of Ubuntu, you will need to contact the service desk to arrange an upgrade.

Once your device has been upgraded, you will be able to continue connecting to the University network as usual.

What will happen if you don’t upgrade and why

If you are using an out of date version of Ubuntu, such as Ubuntu 18.04, you will not be able to connect to the University network after 4pm on Monday 3 July.

This is because older versions are no longer receiving security updates, and we need to protect our University network from security flaws that cyber criminals may try to exploit.