As part of the launch for the Milner Centre for Evolution the Media team are looking for children to record questions about evolution for our experts from the Milner Centre.

All you need to do is film your child asking a question about evolution on your mobile and email to

Alternatively you can bring them onto campus and we can do it for you.

Suggested questions

Here are some suggested questions, or you can come up with your own:

  • What is evolution?
  • When did humans first evolve? Are they still evolving?
  • Are children more evolved than their parents?
  • Could humans ever evolve super powers?
  • Why do we still have pointless organs such as an appendix? Why do men have nipples?
  • How did complex organs such as the eye evolve?
  • Is medicine stopping/reversing natural selection?
  • Why haven’t humans all evolved to be super-intelligent and attractive?
  • Can evolution go backwards?
  • Can machines evolve?

The edited film will be shared on our social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and posted on our website and shared with journalists so could potentially be shared widely on the internet, so it’s important to get permission from the child and parents/guardians before filming.

Top tips for filming

We’d like to you to film the questions on an iPhone or similar, with gaps left between questions so we can edit it together.

  • Shoot the video horizontally
  • The interviewee should be sat down. Sit opposite so the interviewee is in the centre of the frame. The frame should capture the interviewees head and shoulders. The interviewee should be staring at the camera.
  • Try to keep the phone still. Consider sitting at a table and resting your elbows on the table.
  • The background should be as plain as possible. Please be aware of any personally identifiable data in the background
  • Do not film in front of a window.
  • The interviewee should start their answer with ‘My question is…’
  • The interviewer should refrain from verbal responses during the filming
  • Try to avoid shooting in a location with lots of background noise.

If you and your children are interested in taking part, please send your videos to Vicky Just by Wednesday 5 September.