“Awards are important to show recognition and appreciation, and make life worthwhile. What makes our Staff Recognition Awards especially significant is that they are for all those people whose vital work may be more eclipsed in a university setting, where the focus tends to be on academia and academic and teaching achievements.”

Sue Wonnacott, Chair of the Staff Recognition Awards Panel

Given this unprecedented period, there is an opportunity to take some time to reflect and show appreciation for your colleagues by taking a short moment to nominate them for an award. The Staff Recognition Awards acknowledge excellent practice and outstanding performance from our Professional Services and Support Staff.

Sue Wonnacott emphasises that the University’s many “achievements are not possible without all the work that goes on, often behind the scenes, by administrators, support staff, technicians, cleaners, security and sports people….. Not only do they support the work of the University but their efforts are often central to maintaining the morale of staff and students.”

Nominating a colleague, manager, or a team in another department for an award puts this recognition on a more personal level. It is important that our community acknowledges this dedication and hard work performed by our professional services and support staff and allows the University to formally reward this contribution.

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