Wild swimming is becoming increasingly popular in warm weather, so the Student Community Partnership wanted to give you some information to help keep you safe:

  • we recommend you never swim alone – but if you do, tell friends where you’re going and download the What3Words app, to identify exactly where you are in the event of an emergency
  • be aware of the dangers; water is often deeper than you think, there may be hidden currents, unseen rocks or rubbish. Water pollution can cause illness and water conditions can change quickly
  • if you are concerned about someone’s safety in the water, call 999 and ask for the Fire Service and Ambulance
  • if you’re in trouble in the water remember #FloatToLive. Fight your instinct to swim hard, control your breathing and lie on your back to float.

Remember #MatesMatter; look out for those around you and make sure your friends aren’t taking unnecessary risks.

You can read further water safety information from Avon Fire & Rescue and the Student Community Partnership.

Residents living near local beauty spots have also asked us to raise awareness of how noise from music played on mobile phones travels across the valleys around Bath.

Stay safe and enjoy the summer months.