Specialist teams will work on the façades of Norwood House and Wessex House to clean and protect them for the next 15 years.

They will jet wash both buildings with water, before applying a protective treatment. Works will be carried out from scaffolding and access cradles.

Work on Norwood House has begun while it is relatively less used, with the aim of completing in October. Work on Wessex House will begin in September and complete in December.

The 4G mast on Norwood House will be powered down on 1 to 5 July; 5, 6, 28 and 29 August to enable works, during which time the 3G data and phone signal will remain available, as well as campus wifi.

If you are in Norwood House, please keep all windows closed until further notice to enable the operation of the access cradles.

Occupants of Wessex House may wish to keep windows closed when the teams are working nearby. The product is non-toxic however there will be an odour when it is applied, and there would be a risk of water ingress during the jet washing.

Public access will be maintained to the buildings, The Parade and underdeck, however at times some areas may be partially restricted, which will be clearly signposted.

We will post updates of any planned disruption to the Service Updates section of the Staff Homepage.