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Climate Literacy

Education plays a crucial role in addressing climate change. The Climate Literacy programme provides an informal way to learn more about the climate crisis.

Why you should take part

Take the Climate Literacy course to feel inspired to take climate action, reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact. Open to staff and students. Join the movement towards a sustainable future!

Are you a student...

  • ...aspiring to create change? The climate is something that will affect you and future generations to come. Remember you are a changemaker; this course will empower you to harness your potential.
  • ...who wants to learn more about climate? Perhaps your course doesn't touch on the subject enough or at all, or you'd just be interested to diver deeper into the subject. This is your opportunity to gain knowledge about the climate crisis in an informal setting.
  • ...who is considering a green career and wants to stand out to future employers? Completing climate literacy training can open doors for you to obtain certification. The fields of sustainability and climate are currently in high demand, and you can stay ahead by enrolling in this course.

Are you a member of staff...

  • ...who wants to make a positive difference at home and in the workplace? Climate Literacy will give you the tools to do just this.
  • ...who's interested in collaborating and engaging in insightful discussions with other colleagues and students? Then this course is for you.
  • ...looking to expand your expertise? After training, you'll have the chance to gain accreditation, which you can add to your CV and work email signature.

This course can also be tailored to fit your department's needs if you'd like to organise a team session. Please contact our team if you are interested to find out more.

Everyone has a role to play

Regardless of who we are or what we do, we all have a part to play in addressing the climate crisis. Every action we take can make a difference.

    The importance of climate education

    Our 2022/23 Climate Action Survey found that 98% of our community support climate education. The Climate Literacy course is a great place to start and gives you an opportunity to join others to create change. Together, we can combat the climate crisis.

    Learn from the experience of our past participants

    The team has been conducting Climate Literacy sessions for a couple of years now, with many students and staff members having participated. You can explore our testimonials and blogs about past sessions.

    Students and staff who gained Climate Literacy certificates at the Climate Action Awards

    Staff and students thoroughly enjoy the course and find it empowering and motivating. Read more about their insights in our Climate Literacy Action Day blog.

    You can also explore our other blog where we introduced Climate Literacy to over 1000 incoming students back in 2023.

    The background of Climate Literacy

    Our Climate Literacy course has been developed for universities and is certified by The Carbon Literacy Project. It is a programme designed to raise awareness about the costs and impacts of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from everyday activities. The goal is to empower individuals, communities, and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint.

    The University of Bath made history in September 2021 by introducing Climate Literacy as part of the induction process for new students. The University aims to develop educational programs on climate issues to build a global reputation for high-quality climate education. Climate Literacy is a prime example of such an initiative.