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Help us redesign the students' landing page

Get involved in the development of the new students' landing page and get a £10 Amazon voucher by taking part in usability testing.

The new students' landing page

The new design aims to help you find information and complete tasks much quicker and more easily, especially on mobile devices.

Our Marketing & Communications Department has been working hard to make the website better. Now we need your help to redesign your landing page.

We're currently collecting and analysing data from an online card sorting exercise which will help us create a prototype version of the landing page.

As the next part of the process, we'd like your feedback to help us make the page better for all students to use. The testing sessions we're running can help us find out more about how different groups of students interact with the page.

Take part in our usability testing

In order to see if the new landing page works for you, we need volunteers to test a version of the new design and offer us feedback.

How the testing works

A testing session lasts for 30 minutes. We'll show you two versions of the students' landing page and ask you to complete a few simple tasks.

We may record your voice and the actions you take during the testing. The recording will only be used for the purpose of evaluation and will not be published publicly.

There are no right or wrong answers during the session. We're testing the prototype and the design of the web page, we're not testing you.

Get rewarded

We value your participation and contribution to the website, so we'll give you a £10 Amazon voucher at the end of the test.

Continuous improvement

We’ll continue to develop the page as part of our commitment to making the website better.

When we publish the new design, you can continue to give feedback on it using the ‘Suggest an improvement’ link at the bottom of the page.

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