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I-SEE Sustainable Energy & the Environment Webinars

A series of public webinars with academic, industry, and policy experts on energy, sustainability, and the environment.


Hear what the experts have to say and join the conversation at our free environmental webinars.

Our popular webinars, chaired by Tim Mays, Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University, cover the latest issues and areas of debate in the field of sustainable energy and the environment.

We invite experts from academia, industry and policy work to share their findings and lead vibrant discussions across a wide range of subject areas. These include:

  • natural sciences, engineering and technology
  • social, government, political and economic sciences
  • public and policy engagement
  • regulation
  • industrial, business and international dimensions.

Occasionally, webinars take the form of interviews with Professor Mays, like this interview with The Rt Hon. the Lord Deben about his role as Chair of the Climate Change Committee, and his career.

Whatever form they take, a compelling feature of I-SEE webinars is the opportunity for attendees to submit online questions to speakers.

All of our webinars are free and open to the public. They run every other Tuesday from 4.30pm to 5.30pm during Semester 1 (October to December) and Semester 2 (February to April).

Webinars are hosted online, using Zoom webinar.

Upcoming webinars

Our webinars taking place in 2023 and 2024.

12 December 2023

Title: Towards a Hydrogen Economy

Speaker: Professor Joe Howe, Executive Director of the Thornton Energy Institute at the University of Chester / Chair of the North West Hydrogen

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About I-SEE Sustainable Energy & the Environment Webinars

We bring together academic, industry and policy experts to present, review and discuss topics of popular interest in the UK and global energy sector.

I-SEE Sustainable Energy & the Environment Webinars

I-SEE Sustainable Energy & the Environment Webinars

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