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Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF)

Our LEAF pilot is part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint through our Climate Action project.

What is LEAF?

LEAF is short for the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework, and is a standard for sustainable laboratory operations.

It was developed by UCL to improve the sustainability and efficiency of laboratories. Work in laboratories is very important at the University but laboratories typically consume 3-10 times more energy per meter squared than typical academic spaces.

LEAF describes actions which lab users can take to save plastics, water, energy and other resources. By taking part in the programme, laboratories will reduce their carbon emissions and create an environment that supports research quality. The LEAF workbooks include calculators which help the user to estimate the impact of changes they have made in financial and carbon terms.

Laboratories are awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold level depending on how many sustainability actions they take.

Participating labs can login to LEAF here.

LEAF has helped us in Chemistry to integrate sustainability practices into our laboratories.

We have recognised wasteful behaviours, saved money and reduced carbon emissions.

We hope to increase the number of labs which have achieved Bronze accreditation and keep working our way towards Gold.

Fabienne Pradaux-Caggiano, Technical Supervisor, Science Technical Services

LEAF has been easy to implement within the MC2 labs and has provided a good opportunity to assess sustainability issues within our instrument rooms.

It’s already spurred us on to make a few simple changes which will have a positive environmental impact, changes which we probably wouldn’t have made without the LEAF programme.

John Lowe, Senior NMR Spectroscopist, Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC2)

LEAF has been piloted at the University of Bath since October 2021 and we are pleased that currently:

  • 114 labs, across 10 Departments, have joined LEAF
  • 38 labs have been awarded Bronze accreditation

Interested in your lab joining LEAF? Contact us:

All staff and students working in laboratories across the University, including research or teaching facilities, can join our LEAF pilot.