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If you're interested in learning a language alongside your studies at Bath, here are some reasons why you should go for it!

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5 great reasons to learn a language...

  1. Speaking another language makes you more employable.

  2. Learning a language develops a wide range of useful skills.

  3. Languages allow you to travel and discover other cultures.

  4. Learning a foreign language will improve your English too.

  5. Learning a language is also good for your brain!

What our students say...

"The adventure of studying languages has helped me to connect with different people." Gualtiero

"I've gained invaluable skills that I hope to use in Japan and in my future career." Hannah

"The class inspired my interest in China and my move to complete a master's degree there." Alex

"The chance to improve my language skills with native speakers was invaluable." Anna

Start your language journey in Bath.

Skills Centre, University of Bath.

The video is available on Vimeo.