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Life Sciences Synergy Awards

Find out about our new Synergy Awards, a Life Sciences Innovation Fund, and check if you're eligible.

Professor Raymond F. Schinazi, a Bath chemistry alumnus who developed effective drugs that turned the tide against HIV and hepatitis B and C, has made a generous donation to the Department of Life Sciences to support innovation at the University of Bath.

Synergy Awards

The seed funding will help establish a new Life Sciences Innovation Fund, Synergy Awards, available to Bath academics and students.

A series of Synergy Awards will be made available for innovative projects addressing the most pressing challenges facing humanity, especially biodiversity, sustainability, antimicrobial resistance and food security.

Proposals are invited for grants worth up to £20,000 to support the development of a novel concept to a stage that facilitates application for external funding. The University will waive overhead requirements for these projects.

Synergy Awards may be used to fund a postdoctoral research associate or an assistant for up to six months, with bench support as appropriate. It is intended that projects will involve collaboration between investigators from disparate disciplines, at least one of whom should be from the Life Sciences.

Eligibility criteria

Find out if you are eligible for this funding.

The selection panel will be looking to support projects that have both a realistic chance of future success and that connect the unique skill sets available at the University. Involvement of external partners is welcome but not essential, as is engagement with funders who may be prepared to take forward projects.

All members of academic staff, including postdoctoral researchers, are eligible to apply, however, at least one of the applicants needs to be from the Department of Life Sciences.

How to apply

Find out how to apply for funding.

There are 4 calls for funding in each academic year. Following the popularity of the award in the first year of funding (2023-24), there will be no more opportunities to apply in the current academic year.

The closing dates for the four funding calls in the next academic year (2024/25) are:

  • 1 September 2024
  • 1 December 2024
  • 1 March 2025
  • 1 June 2025

Applicants will be notified of the outcome a month after the closing date.

Professor Raymond F. Schinazi

Find out more about the Bath alumnus who's inspiring innovation.

A scientist, pharmaceutical entrepreneur and philanthropist, Professor Raymond F. Schinazi was a refugee from Egypt when he moved to England, winning a scholarship to sit his O and A-Levels in 1964. He joined the University of Bath in 1968, where he completed BSc and PhD degrees in chemistry.

Following graduation, Professor Schinazi went on to have an outstanding academic career in the pharmaceutical sector, working as a pharmacologist and virologist, and establishing multiple biotech companies in the USA. Most notably, his work led to the development of antiretroviral drugs effective against HIV. Today, around 94% of HIV patients take one of the drugs he developed. He was also instrumental in discovering and developing drugs for HBV, Coronaviruses and a cure for Hepatitis C virus.

Alongside a fund to support innovation in the Life Sciences, Professor Schinazi is making an additional gift to establish the Raymond Schinazi and Family Chair of Life Sciences at the University of Bath.

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If you have any questions about the Synergy Awards, please don't hesitate to contact us online or in person.