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University of Bath

Minerva Series of Lectures

A public lecture series run by the University of Bath. It was formerly known as the General University Lecture Programme (GULP).

In our age of information the world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Societal shifts, coupled with great leaps in scientific and technological advancement, are shaping the future for all us. These also pose big questions for us to answer today.

Our Minerva Public Lecture series is an opportunity to share latest insights across a whole range of topics, from future transport to the environment, politics to healthcare.

All lectures in the Minerva Series:

  • are free
  • start at 6.00pm
  • take place on our Claverton Down campus (free parking after 5pm)
  • require registration. Details can be found on each individual lecture page by following the 'view upcoming lectures' link below

You can get the latest information on the series by joining our mailing list.

Details for the 2019-2020 programme will be added to the lecture listing found via the link below over the next few months.

The lectures will take place on the following dates from September 2019:

  • Thursday 5 September: Micro-plants and Mixing: the turbulent life of plankton
  • Friday 4 October: Working with Communities to Tackle Inactivity
  • Thursday 7 November: Demystifying Digital Marketing
  • Thursday 5 December: Science Showoff
  • Thursday 6 February: Mathematical Secrets You Cannot Live Without
  • Thursday 5 March: The Future of Sustainable Construction
  • Thursday 9 April: The Wonderful World of Preschoolers
  • Thursday 7 May: Could Cultured Meat Help Save the Planet?
  • Wednesday 10 June: Festival of Nature 2020
  • Wednesday 22 July: Royal Astronomical Society 200th Anniversary

If you have any questions about the Minerva Series, you can either email us or call 01225 38 5417

Listen to podcasts of the past Minerva lectures on Soundcloud. Watch videos of more recent lectures on our Vimeo channel.

View upcoming lectures