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Minerva Series of Lectures

A public lecture series run by the University, looking at the latest insights into the big issues of today and those that will shape the world in the future.

The Future of Sustainable Energy

From climate change to the cost-of-living crisis, energy, and how we generate it, is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century. How can we move beyond fossil fuels and explore alternative energy sources such as hydrogen? And how can we continue to build new homes while reducing carbon emissions and keeping ourselves warm? These are two questions that researchers from the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at the University of Bath are trying to solve through their research.

Please come along to this Minerva Lecture to hear from Professor Tim Mays and PhD student Mohamed Katish about how their research is helping create a world with safe, renewable energy that works for everyone.

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In our age of information, the world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Societal shifts, coupled with great leaps in science and technology, are shaping the future for us all.

The Minerva Series of Lectures is your opportunity to hear our experts share their insights on a range of topics, including science, politics, health, and sustainability.

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Find out about our lectures and register to attend online. All lectures in the Minerva Series start at 6.00pm and are free to attend.

Find out about our lectures and register to attend. All lectures in the Minerva Series start at 6.00pm and are free to attend. The next lecture is What does Artificial Intelligence mean for Bath?]( on Wednesday 21 February.

The Minerva Lecture Series is back for its 2024 programme and now features a mix of online and in person events, hosted both at the University and in community venues in Bath and the surrounding area.

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