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Molecular Biotechnology International Summer School

Develop and refine your research skills in molecular biotechnology with our 9-day international summer school programme.

An introduction to Molecular Biotechnology

Develop your skills and hear from experts in the field in preparation for further study in molecular biosciences.

Our international summer school in molecular biotechnology offers a structured programme centred on giving you hands-on experience with cutting-edge molecular biotechnological techniques and exposure to our international research.

You'll also have the chance to hone your skills in research, entrepreneurship and science communication, while immersing yourself in British and international culture.

Our summer school programme will provide you with a firm foundation for pursuing a master's or PhD degree in molecular biosciences or biotechnology at an international university.

Programme details

During your study, you will attend lectures, conduct hands-on laboratory work using CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technologies, take part in collaborative experimental planning, and undertake data interpretation sessions in small groups or pairs.

You will also work with other students to develop a new biotechnology enterprise idea or science communication exercise in teams.

The topics you will cover during your studies include:

  • Molecular genetic engineering
  • Molecular medicine
  • Tissue engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Molecular microbiology
A swab being brushed across a petri dish

Summer school teaching staff

Dr Neil Brown

A molecular fungal pathologist interested in discovering new ways to fight major fungal diseases that threaten our food security and health.

Dr Zoe Burke

A molecular cell biologist interested in understanding cellular reprogramming in development, disease and cell-replacement therapeutics.

Pamela Sachs Nique

Technical lead on the molecular biotechnology laboratory projects.

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