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Passport to Study Success

This course aims to provide new international students with an introduction to studying at the University of Bath.

How to use this course

This video provides a brief overview of the course and explains how to use the multimedia elements in it.

Teaching and Learning at Bath

Independent and collaborative learning

Students working together in  a group

Starting your university studies in the UK may be a very different experience for you. In this topic, you will learn how to study independently at university as well as how to work effectively in groups on projects and assignments.

Academic Expectations

Different methods of teaching

A student attending a seminar in a lecture theatre.

At university you will attend lectures, seminars and tutorials, but what is the difference? This topic explains these and provides you with some useful tips to get the most out of your teaching. It also covers what to expect with assignments and exams.

Academic Integrity

Learn how to be an ethical scholar

A student taking an exam and cheating.

At university, academic integrity is vital as it means being honest about where you have sourced the information for your assignments. This topic will guide you through academic integrity to ensure that you follow the university’s code of conduct.

Critical Thinking

Approach your work with a critical mindset

Students working on a project.

At university, you will be told how critical thinking is so important for your assignments and projects. The term is complex and can be defined in lots of ways. This topic gives you an introduction to critical thinking and some advice on how to apply it to your work.

Academic Spoken Language

Asking and answering questions, agreeing and disagreeing

Students talking in a group.

It can be daunting to suddenly be in a lecture hall with 200 students or in a seminar working in a group, especially if English is your second language. This topic gives you some useful vocabulary and phrases that can be used in a number of academic situations.

Cultural Awareness

Settling into the UK

An aerial view of Bath Abbey.

Making the transition to university is a big step and moving to the UK to pursue your studies is an even bigger one. This topic will give you an overview of what it is like to live in the UK and the beautiful city of Bath.

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