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Peer support for new students

Whether you're studying for an undergraduate, taught postgraduate or doctoral degree, your fellow students can help you settle into university life.

Support for undergraduate students

All our undergraduate peer mentors are current students who've completed their first year. They have the experience to help you with any concerns you may have.

Every undergraduate student is assigned a peer mentor. Your peer mentor will get in touch with you during the Welcome Week. You can also meet them in person at a departmental social in the Welcome Week.

All Peer mentors have been trained. They can show you the support services that are either on campus or at the Virgil Building in town. They are also able to give informal advice, help you find your way around campus and get used to living and studying in Bath.

Your peer mentor will be studying the same course as you or something similar. They are there to tell you more about the department and support you throughout your first year.

Support for postgraduate students

If you're studying for a master's degree or doing doctoral research, you can find peer support through your department or the Postgraduate Association.

Before you start your course, you can contact your Director of Studies to ask about your department's mentoring scheme and other opportunities to meet fellow students.

If you're a first-year doctoral research student you can also contact the Doctoral Engagement Manager by emailing

You'll also be able to meet other postgraduate students through the Postgraduate Association, which organises regular events.

How peer mentoring works

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