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Research with Impact

Our research is helping to change the world for the better. We work in partnership to help create a healthier, more sustainable and connected future for us all.


Our research is leading to low-carbon living. We are exploring how we travel, build, manufacture, heat and eat more sustainably, bringing together innovative technological solutions with insight into human behaviour, policy and society.

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Our research is leading to positive digital futures. We are seeking to understand the effects of our digital world on people, as well as creating innovative technologies. From developing ways to predict the future of the climate, improving the efficiency of supply chain technology, to helping keep people protected online. Our research helps make the world safer, smarter, more productive and more connected. And that’s research with impact.

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Health & Wellbeing

Our research leads to improved health and wellbeing. We explore structures that damage our health and wellbeing, create technologies that monitor health and tackle disease, help sportspeople reduce injury and improve performance, and support systems to deliver better healthcare.

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What matters now?

We take a creative look at the issues that matter and how our research addresses them. At the University of Bath, we’re working in partnership to support a future that allows our planet, its people and ideas to flourish.

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Join us in creating a healthier, more sustainable, more connected future for us all.

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We work in partnership with businesses and industry to enable innovation and growth. Learn about our consultancy services, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, technologies available for licensing and more on Enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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