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Santander Undergraduate Research Experience 2024

“A very enjoyable, fun and enriching experience.” Abbie Marsh, scheme participant, 2022

Through an award from Santander, the AAPS, ART-AI and SAMBa Centres for Doctoral Training are supporting Undergraduate Research Bursaries for women and people of under-represented gender identities (including non-binary, transgender, gender-fluid, gender non-conforming) during the summer of 2024. This scheme is only open to undergraduates at the University of Bath.

These bursaries provide a valuable experience for students who are considering a career in research to explore their potential and sample the research environment.

Overview and Eligibility

Each award is worth up to £3,000 for a period of up to 10 weeks (£300 per week).

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You can propose your own research project idea or select from one of our pool of predefined projects.

  • The scheme is open to current Bath undergraduate students, who are women or people of under-represented gender identities, studying any subject.
  • Funded projects must align with at least one of the three Bath CDTs: AAPS, ART-AI or SAMBa.
  • Interdisciplinary projects are encouraged.
  • All research projects must have an identified academic supervisor.

Undergraduate Research Experience

Spending a period of time immersed in a research environment is a great way to delve into the detail of an interesting and challenging question. It will give you the chance to experience how to go about developing research ideas and methodology, and how to implement them. Whether you would like to pursue a career in academia or industry, this experience can be invaluable.

Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) are large PhD training programmes which span a broad research area. Linking your research experience to a CDT means you will have access to a framework of additional support such as mentoring from current PhD students, skills training workshops, and vibrant research environments.

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More information

How to develop your application

Summary of the scheme

The scheme will fund up to 3 research projects for Bath undergraduates. Funding of up to £3,000 per person will be available (£300 per week for up to 10 weeks) for projects taking place between 3 June and 27 September 2024. All projects must be supported by an academic supervisor at the University of Bath and be aligned to one of the three Centres for Doctoral Training highlighted below.

  • The deadline for applications is 11 March 2024.
  • A panel will review all applications and applicants will be notified of the panel's decision by 28 March 2024.

Defining your research project

To develop your application, you can:

  • Come up with your own research project idea and find a supervisor who is interested in working with you on your project.
  • Identify a subject area you are interested in researching; identify an academic who works in this area and approach them to discuss the scheme and potential ideas.
  • Discuss the scheme with your tutor for advice and help to identify potential academics to approach.
  • Look at the list of research topics/projects proposed by potential supervisors.
  • Involve more than one supervisor – this may be especially useful for interdisciplinary projects.

Explore pre-defined projects

You may wish to explore the research experience, but not have a clear vision of the project you want to do. A number of our academics have put together project proposals that they would be interested in supervising. If any of the projects are of interest to you please contact the named academic. There is scope to develop these projects further as part of the application process.

There is no preference given to these pre-defined projects during the panel process. All projects are judged on their own merits.

Explore pre-defined projects

Applying for a Research Experience Bursary

**Deadline 11 March 2024**

First complete the application form, which will need to include:

  • A description from you about why you are interested in a research experience bursary
  • A supporting statement from your academic tutor
  • Information about the research project from your proposed research experience supervisor
  • The signature of your proposed supervisor's head of department


  • Upload your completed application form and academic transcripts to the Santander portal

EPSRC CDT in Advanced Automotive Propulsion (AAPS)

The AAPS CDT is a remarkable hybrid think-and-do tank where science, behaviour change and future engineering meet. We are supporting our students to pioneer and shape the transition to clean, sustainable, affordable mobility. Our interdisciplinary research themes cover low carbon fuels, gas purification, propulsion electrification, digital systems, optimisation and integration, chemical energy converters, sustainability and low carbon transition, driver and user behaviour, transport and society, and transport policy and economics.

Find out more about the AAPS CDT
AAPS Cohort 1 Student at ITT event, using sticky notes

UKRI CDT in Accountable Responsible and Transparent Artificial Intelligence (ART-AI)

The ART-AI CDT trains researchers in accountable, responsible and transparent artificial intelligence. We are based across three faculties at the university and aim to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that is safe, fair and understandable. We recruit students from engineering, computer science and social science backgrounds to help ensure that developments in AI, and decisions on how and when to use it or not, are informed and ethical. Key research themes include: diversity and bias in AI, engineering applications of AI, innovation in data-driven and classical AI, policy-making with and for AI, risk and decision making with AI, safety and trust in human-machine systems, and transparency and intelligibility of AI.

Find out more about the ART-AI CDT
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EPSRC CDT in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa)

The SAMBa CDT is a vibrant research centre training the future generation of interdisciplinary mathematicians working at the interface of statistics with applied and computational mathematics. Working with partners from industry, government, and academic researchers from a broad range of disciplines, we deliver high quality collaborative research approaches, grounded in mathematical sciences with an application focus. We support PhD students to deliver multidisciplinary research, often in collaboration with external partners. Research ranges from modelling of data, to investigating fundamental movements of particles, to applying mathematics to real world phenomena.

Find out more about the SAMBa CDT
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Scheme terms and conditions

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