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Set Your Own Volume

Find out more about your alcohol-free options

0% alcohol, 100% your choice

Try a wide range of low and no alcohol products across campus in Fresh, Parade and the SU.

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In response to student feedback, we’re pleased to stock a new range of low-alcohol and alcohol-free drink options in outlets across campus.

You told us that you’d like more options for drinking without the alcohol - perhaps when you’re prepping for a big game, starting a health kick, or just need a clear head for the next day.

Whether you choose to skip the alcohol for your health, your wellbeing, your budget or your beliefs, you’re not alone; there are plenty of options for you right here on campus. If you don't drink alcohol, or are choosing to drink less, we're here to support your choice.

Where to find alcohol-free drinks on campus

Learn what options are available to you, and where to find them.

To support your right to choose how you drink, you can now pick up bottled non-alcoholic beers, ales and spirits in Fresh, such as Ceder’s distilled non-alcoholic alternative to gin.

If you’re looking to enjoy an alcohol-free meet up with friends, Parade and The Plug and The Tub are serving up a range of tasty mocktails; so you can have all of the enjoyment of a cocktail, with none of the hangover.

If you’d like a familiar taste without the alcohol, the SU also now stock Heineken 0.0 and Kopparberg Alcohol Free.

Making healthy choices

Many students are choosing to drink less alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle choice.

If you're choosing to reduce your alcohol intake for health reasons, you're not alone. Many students choose to drink less, or not at all, in order to look after their body and mind.

The great news is there's no need to miss out on the social elements that can come from meetings friends for a drink - there are plenty of alcohol-free drinks to choose from here on campus, giving you all of the taste with none of the hangover.

Supporting you

Get free, confidential advice and support.

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Developing Health & Independence (DHI) are a local charity, who are able to give advice on any concerns you may have about alcohol.

The service is free and confidential, and is offered in a non-judgemental space where you can be open about any problems you may be facing.

You are able to visit DHI right here on campus, as well as at their own centre in Bath.