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Skills for life. Made in Bath.

Fictional Bath graduate Ellie explains how she uses a range of skills she developed at university to do her job.

Descriptive transcript

Descriptive transcript of the 'Skills for life. Made in Bath' video.

An animated cartoon figure, Ellie, is walking along, talking on her phone.

[Text appears on screen:] Meet Ellie.

Ellie waves.

A cartoon image of a big corporate building appears.

[Text appears on screen:] Ellie’s a team leader with Global Inc.

The University of Bath logo appears with confetti fluttering down.

[Text appears on screen:] She graduated from the University of Bath 10 years ago.

Ellie and a colleague shake hands.

[Text appears on screen:] Every day, she uses a range of skills she developed at university to do her job.

A clock with its hands moving round appears above Ellie and her colleague.

[Text appears on screen:] Here’s a typical day in her life…

Ellie is sitting at her desk in her office and typing on a computer. Some text boxes appear above the computer.

[Text appears on screen:] Ellie prepares a report for senior management about a new product release for Global Inc’s Spanish market.

Thanks to some writing workshops in her second year in Bath, she knows how to write clearly and concisely.

Ellie stands next to a flip chart and delivers a presentation.

[Text appears on screen:] She then starts work on a presentation for the board of management.

A presentation skills course at university gave her the skills to deliver confident, effective pitches in her job.

[A speech bubble appears:] ¿cómo estás?

[Text appears on screen:] And all the Spanish classes she took alongside her studies give her useful insight into the target market.

Ellie is sitting next to a giant hourglass with sand falling through the middle. She is typing on a laptop.

[Text appears on screen:] Later, Ellie receives an urgent request – she needs to submit some data by midday.

Meeting assignment deadlines during her degree made her good at managing her workload and working under pressure.

An animated bar graph appears above her head.

[Text appears on screen:] She works with her team to compile and analyse all the data required.

Ellie and a colleague are sitting at desks and typing on laptops.

[Text appears on screen:] Ellie then meets her team to discuss Global Inc’s new customer relationship management software.

Using many digital platforms and tools for learning at university means she’s open to new technology and ways of working.

Ellie holds a giant pencil and ticks three check boxes next to her.

[Bullet points appear on screen:] Communication, time management, digital, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamworking, research, data analysis.

Ellie starts jumping up and down with joy.

[Text appears on screen:] These are just some of the many vital employability skills that Ellie developed during her studies.

Ellie is standing on a paper plane and flying through the sky.

[Text appears on screen:] Where will your skills take you?

Skills Centre, University of Bath logo appears.

[Text appears on screen:] Skills for life. Made in Bath.

The video is available on Vimeo.