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Skills for success at Bath and beyond

When you start at Bath, you can access a wide range of year-round skills development opportunities designed to complement and fit flexibly around your course.

Academic skills

Skills to help you succeed in your studies

Student taking part in a one-to-one writing tutorial with a Skills Centre writing tutor

Academic and writing skills:

  • learn how to write effective essays, reports and dissertations
  • understand how to reference other people's work safely
  • access online resources to develop other academic skills like critical thinking and note-taking

Maths and statistics skills:

  • develop your understanding of maths, statistics, and numeracy concepts
  • improve your management and analysis of numbers, data and statistics
  • learn how to use software, programs and mathematical typesetting

Employability skills

Skills to help you succeed in your career

Two students are working on a laptop. A student in the background is holding a mobile phone. Image reflects the importance of digital skills.

Transferable skills:

  • learn how to present your skills effectively to prospective employers
  • develop your creative and problem solving skills for the workplace
  • find out how to build your network and become an effective networker

Language skills:

  • improve your English and prepare for a Cambridge English qualification
  • learn a new foreign language, improve an existing one and develop intercultural awareness
  • deepen your understanding of British culture and society if you’re an Erasmus+, exchange or visiting student

Digital skills:

  • use a digital skills self-assessment tool and resources to evaluate and develop your digital capabilities
  • learn how to use the right digital devices, applications, software and systems
  • understand how to find, review, organise and share information effectively

Personal development skills

Skills to help you succeed in life

A student writing on a whiteboard, giving a presentation to three other students.

Personal growth skills:

  • learn how to speak confidently in public
  • develop your ability to work well in groups and teams
  • find out what makes a great leader and enhance your personal leadership skills

Health and wellbeing skills:

  • understand more about mental health and how to protect it
  • learn how to manage your finances effectively
  • develop skills to enrich your life like cooking and gardening


When you start at Bath, you can sign up for skills development opportunities and find additional resources to support your studies in MySkills, the University's 'one-stop-shop' for skills.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Bath. If you have any questions about skills development at the University, please contact us. Follow @BathSkills on Twitter for our latest news and updates.