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Strategic Projects Office (SPO): current supported projects and programmes

Learn more about the strategic projects we are currently working on and how they align with the core pillars of our University strategy.


A summary of the projects we're working on that aim to grow our research strength to drive research quality, achievement, and impact at international levels.

RIS Research Management System Project

This project seeks to implement a solution for the end-to-end management of research projects supported by Research and Innovation Services (RIS).

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Doctoral End-to-End Process Project

This project is a full review of doctoral milestones and process improvement focusing specifically on admissions and recruitment, progression, and communication and marketing.

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Department of Chemistry researcher Dr Asel Sartbaeva leads the research


The projects we're working to grow our reputation for University education through internationally leading courses which attract highly achieving students from diverse backgrounds, enhanced by high-value placement and extracurricular opportunities.

Curriculum Transformation

The Curriculum Transformation project (CT) is our largest ever institution-wide innovation initiative, defined as the redesign and relaunch of our taught course curricula that will set the course of teaching and learning for the next generation of students at Bath.

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Curriculum Management (Curriculum Planner)

The project goal is to establish a single source of truth for all Curriculum data throughout the student journey by integrating the processes and systems to support this vision.

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A summary of the projects we're working on to grow our identity as a strong learning community in which collective endeavour and a culture of care enable the flourishing of all.

Gender Identity (Tell us Once) Project

The project is currently examining how the University could improve the effectiveness of IT systems and business processes in sharing updates to Gender Identity data, particularly when students/staff are transitioning.

Lead Contact: Kylie Smith, Project Manager,

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The projects we're working on with our people, infrastructure and technology.

Digital Transformation Programme

Digital Transformation is the vehicle for effectively implementing Bath’s Digital Strategy. It encompasses the DDaT Evolution and Data & Insight projects.

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DDaT Evolution Project

This project is creating a new DDaT operating model that involves redesigning and refining the department structure, services, and technology to enable the delivery of the University’s ambitious digital strategy.

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Data & Insight Project

This project is establishing robust data governance, demonstrating the value of enhanced data management and analytics capabilities across campus, and delivering a new central Data & Insight Hub.

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