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Student Immigration Basics - a training course for students

An online and fully interactive training course for all Student visa holders at the University.

Who this course is suitable for

This course has been created and tailored for University of Bath students and is suitable for you if you currently hold a Student visa.

What this course will support you with

This course outlines your visa requirements and the University’s responsibilities as your sponsor. It covers:

  • a quick overview of the student immigration system in the UK
  • the immigration requirements and considerations at each stage of your journey
  • how the Student Immigration Service can help and support you

How this course is structured

The course takes approximately 30 minutes.

You may choose to follow it in order or dip in and out. You may wish to do the whole course, or refer only to specific sections.

The course has been divided into two areas of relevance:

  • sections applicable to all Student visa holders
  • sections applicable to all full-time Student visa holders (working conditions)

This course is designed to be fully interactive - the 'test your understanding' sections will help with your self-assessment.

Student Immigration Basics - for students

Access the Student Immigration Basics for Students online course