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Support and Report

We believe that bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct and discrimination are #NeverOK

How to Report?

Submit a report via the button below

I feel assured that this type of incident will not happen in the future.

There are three ways to report an incident

  • With contact details - we can respond and discuss your case with you, enabling you to decide how to proceed.
  • Through a person you trust - enabling you to remain anonymous while advice and guidance is given through the person you trust.
  • Anonymously - You cannot be identified. We use anonymous reports to better understand the issues impacting our University community, to monitor patterns, and to shape our prevention of, and response to, unwanted behaviour.

Why Report?

Reporting an incident enables us to help keep the university a safe environment

Everyone at the University of Bath has the right to feel safe.

We take reports of bullying, harassment, hate incidents and sexual misconduct seriously.

We have specialist staff to support and advise you on options for what happens next and how to access professional support.

Thanks so much for your work on this. Looks like we'll see some positively impactful changes. Which is brilliant!

Who can Report?

Anyone who has experienced or witnessed an incident

All staff, students and visitors to our campus are able to use Support and Report to tell us about an incident and seek support.

It could be an incident you have experienced, witnessed, or you can tell us on behalf of someone else.

You are able to tell us with contact details or anonymously.

What to Report?

Any inappropriate behaviour

If you have experienced anything that has made you feel uncomfortable you can report it. This list of inappropriate behaviour is not definitive; there is often overlap.

  • bullying
  • discrimination
  • domestic abuse
  • harassment
  • hate crimes and incidents
  • microaggressions
  • sexual misconduct
  • spiking
  • stalking
  • violence and threats of violence



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Do you need further support?

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