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Taking the Welsh Bacc to strengthen your application

Find out how a Welsh Bacc can improve your chances of getting an undergraduate place at university

Improve your chances of getting a place

Studying the Welsh Bacc could make you eligible to receive an alternative offer from Bath

Undertaking a Welsh Bacc can help you develop skills in independent research, time management and extended writing. These skills will be invaluable to you when transitioning to undergraduate study at Bath.

If you take the Welsh Bacc alongside three A levels and apply to study at Bath, you could get an offer for most of our courses that is one grade below our typical A level offer. Check the entry requirements on your course's page and read our information about alternative offers for full details.

You can also read these blog posts for our students' experiences of undertaking a Welsh Bacc and how they have benefited including some top tips.

Develop the skills needed to succeed at university

Studying the Welsh Bacc can help you to develop key university study skills

Studying the Welsh Bacc will help you develop a range of study skills, including:

  • presentation skills
  • time management skills
  • writing project reports
  • carrying out research
  • referencing sources

By developing these skills you should find it easier to go from studying at school or college to studying at university.

How to succeed in your Welsh Bacc

We offer a free online course to help you succeed in your Welsh Bacc.

Our online course How to Succeed in Your Welsh Bacc involves around three hours of study per week for three weeks. You can complete the course at your own pace and at a time to suit you.

How to Succeed in Your Welsh Bacc will give you the opportunity to:

  • discuss ideas with other students taking the Welsh Bacc
  • develop the skills you need to complete your Welsh Bacc
  • learn about writing your project log and how Welsh Bacc's are assessed

You will also gain insight from staff in the University's Academic Skills Centre, a Welsh Bacc supervisor, and current Bath students who have completed the Welsh Bacc.

How to Succeed in Your Welsh Bacc is also available in the Welsh Language

Contact us

If you have any questions about how the Welsh Bacc can support your application to Bath please contact our admissions team