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Career springboard

Graduates Elyse Gilbert and Louise Swaby used their study year abroad to gain experience ready for careers outside their subject area.

Elyse Gilbert, Chemistry graduate.
'I've loved my time in Bath, which is why I decided to stay even after I graduated.' -- Elyse Gilbert

Third year options

Alongside placements or staying on campus for a research project, Bath science courses also offer the opportunity to apply for a study year abroad. It's a popular option for those wanting a career outside their main subject area.

From Brisbane back to Bath

Elyse Gilbert graduated in 2017 and now works as a consultant at business transformation company Nine Feet Tall in Bath.

'Studying chemistry came about as a bit of an accident. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do at the end but I knew that Chemistry would give me a really great start.

'My study year abroad in Brisbane in Australia definitely helped give me another string to my bow when I was applying for jobs. It's something not a lot of universities offer, especially outside of Europe, so it definitely gave me something I could talk about to employers. They could see me as a versatile member of staff rather than just someone who's done the normal route.

'At Brisbane, I was in a project research group looking at antibiotics for drug resistant bacteria. Then in the second semester, because the modules didn't specifically count toward my chemistry degree, I was able to pick and choose things that I wouldn't normally have got to study.'

In at the deep end

Louise Swaby
'The University of Virginia was huge compared to Bath, but still had the same sort of feel so it wasn't too daunting.' -- Louise Swaby

Louise Swaby knew she didn't want to stay in Chemistry for her career, so a study year abroad was the ideal choice to boost confidence and experience.

'For me it worked out worked out better because I don't plan on staying in a chemistry based job, so there wasn't much point in me going and doing a chemistry based job as a work placement.

'The study year abroad was was amazing. If you're really sociable and want to meet loads of people, then it's a really good way to throw yourself in at the deep end and really push yourself to meet new people and put yourself in to new situations.

'The University of Virginia was huge compared to Bath but still had the same sort of feel so it wasn't too daunting. It was definitely a big challenge and I am really glad that I pushed myself and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

'There were lots of presentations leading up to the application process so you knew all the different countries that were possible for you to visit. I was lucky enough to get my first choice, but even if I didn't, I'm sure I would have had an amazing time anywhere.'

My study year abroad

Louise on choosing a study year abroad, the highlights and the support available from Bath before she went.

Studying chemistry at Bath

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