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Excellence in Doctoral Supervision Prize Winner 2016

Dr Ian Blagbrough was recognised for his outstanding record of academic support and pastoral care of his students.

This prize is given to promote, recognise and reward excellence in the supervision of doctoral students of all kinds.

In 2016 the prize was presented to Dr Ian Blagbrough in the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology.

Dr Blagbrough was selected by the Committee for his outstanding record of supervision for over 25 years, having successfully guided 24 PhD (and 5 Masters) students to completion of their studies with most if not all having gained at least one publication.

Often, his overseas students have to cope with difficult personal circumstances due to political turmoil and sometimes civil war in their own countries and Dr Blagbrough supports them impeccably.

Dr Blagbrough’s former students clearly hold him in high regard and he has inspired many of them to become senior scientists in academia and industry including overseas in countries such as the USA, France, South Asia and the Middle East. Not only does he support them academically, but he takes the time to provide outstanding pastoral care.


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