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Preparing your child for moving out: cooking, laundry and bills

International student Tanisha is in her second year at Bath. Her mother shared with us all the ways she supported her daughter before she went to university.

Facing the challenge

Having to send your child far from you, to a different city, let alone a different continent can be described as a very daunting experience, especially for parents with a single child.

Our children are our topmost priority, and their wellbeing is something we are always concerned about. It's tough to imagine them out of our sight even for a few days. Going away to university and starting a whole new life away from parents and home can be a challenging task for students and even more challenging for their parents as they are always worried if their child is settled, eating well, getting enough rest and whatnot. They seem to never be able to separate their child and come to terms with the fact that their child is grown up enough to manage alone.

Taking on chores

As a part of the university process, it is very important to inculcate in children a sense of independence along with teaching them to do basic chores. Hence, pre-university preparation around certain essentials is highly recommended. From the very start, children should be encouraged to do basic chores at home like making their own bed, cleaning up on their own, washing utensils, doing laundry and basic cooking so that it's easier for them to adapt and adjust to the new environment.

Learning cooking skills

It is practically impossible to live on takeaways and processed food, and important to maintain a healthy diet and eat well because of the innumerable activities one needs to be engaged in. Cooking is an essential life skill that everyone can benefit from. Teach them how to prepare basic breakfast recipes and some of their favourite dishes so that homesickness does not kick in, and most importantly, they don’t starve. You can find easy and nutritious step-by-step recipes on the internet for students to make.

Getting to grips with laundry

There are automatic machines provided for laundry. However, it's important to have knowledge of what to wash at what temperature and whether to do whites and dark colours together. Teach them how to wash bedding as different fabrics have different requirements, washing instructions and temperatures. Certain clothes carry with them the ‘do not bleach’ sign, hence tags should be checked before putting clothes in the machine. A lint remover is a must to take extra care of woollens. Plus it is easy to use too!

Setting a budget

Bills are something no one needs to really worry about as they are mainly included in the accommodation rent, but the most important thing that students should learn is budgeting. When they go to university, they can be like kids in a candy shop, wanting to get their hands on literally everything. Budgeting is a life skill. A small amount of savings goes a long way!

Supporting the parents of our students

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