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Using chemistry to improve the wellbeing of pets

Chemistry for Drug Discovery graduate, Molly Francis now leads product innovation in the pet supply industry.

Molly Francis in a laboratory
Molly graduated from MChem Chemistry for Drug Discovery in 2018
‘My role is an example of the benefits of science to everyday life and how it can have a positive impact on consumers.’
Molly Francis MChem Chemistry for Drug Discovery graduate (2018)

Following my degree in MChem Chemistry for Drug Discovery, I knew that I wanted to do something practical with my science knowledge and experience. Chemistry is such an interesting subject that has so many real-world applications, I wanted to find a career where I could put these into practice. I also took a year in industry working in a lab during my degree, which really opened my eyes to how I could use the skills I’d learnt at Bath in my future career.

My first role after completing my degree in 2018 was as a Research and Development Assistant at Reckitt Benckiser, working in product development for medicines and medical devices. The skills I gained during my time at Bath really helped me in the formulation and lab work involved in the role, as well as completing analytical tests to ensure the stability of the products.

A rewarding career

I currently work as a Product Development Manager at PetLab Co, a start-up company that develops new product innovations in the pet supplement industry. My role is an example of the benefits of science to everyday life and how it can have a positive impact on consumers. I also find my role especially motivating as my own dog has experienced joint pain in the past, so I find it very rewarding to be able to develop products that will directly help a pet’s wellbeing.

My typical day involves managing multiple projects through their development lifecycle, from their feasibility and concept stages through to launch. I am also responsible for researching the ingredients in the formulations, analysing studies that have been published and creating project plans to support the launch of the products. As the company is still a start-up, the work is very fast paced, which means my team and I can see the outcomes of our hard work very quickly. This does come with challenges though as it means the deadlines are usually shorter than other companies!

I’d really recommend studying Chemistry at Bath – there are so many different roles you could go into, from research at universities, research in industry or a completely different field. The skills you learn during your degree can open up all the doors you can think of.

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