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Why I chose Bath for my undergraduate degree

Jordan Negri-Lennard explains how meeting students on Open Day and seeing the sports facilities on campus helped make Bath his first-choice university.

Jordan standing at the top of the stairs on campus.
"I visited Bath on an Open Day and loved the city and the University."

Jordan is a student on the BSc (hons) Mathematical Sciences course at Bath.

Choosing Bath

I chose to apply to Bath as it is a prestigious university and I was really interested in the course content it had to offer. Bath also has great connections with places I can apply to study abroad and this was a big bonus.

Visiting the campus and city

During the summer before applying I visited Bath on an Open Day and loved the city and the University. I was looking for a campus university and also wanted to go somewhere that had more nature and was less crowded than a London university. Bath satisfied both of these very well, with the campus being on top of the hill and surrounded by nature but also only a short 20-minute bus ride to the city to get the best of both worlds.

During the Open Day I was shown the sporting facilities Bath had to offer and these looked a lot better than some other places I had visited which made me want to choose Bath more as this was another strong decider for me.

Meeting current students

I had the opportunity to speak with some students who were studying the course I was looking to apply to and they were incredibly helpful with answering any questions I had. They said they enjoyed the course, which was really helpful as I was looking for a course with a high student satisfaction rate.

Application support

After deciding Bath would be my first choice, I applied through UCAS, which was straightforward, and I received a conditional offer to study at the University. While applying I had some questions which I contacted the Admissions Team at Bath to answer and even received a call back later on to check I managed everything alright.

Moving in

The accommodation I stayed in was Woodland Court, which was amazing, and I am very happy that’s where I ended up. I chose to apply for this accommodation as I was interested in having an en-suite room and a smaller kitchen size but didn’t want to be completely isolated in a studio flat.

Living in University accommodation was great as it meant I was always close to anywhere on campus I needed to get to. For example, it was incredibly helpful and time-saving when I had in-person teaching on campus. It was also very convenient for using the facilities, such as the Sports Training Village (STV), as they were just a short walk away.

The University also has a path that runs all the way around its borders which I often used for running as it is just a few meters away from the accommodation and loops back round, providing a nice open countryside path to run on.

Getting involved in sport

My favourite part of the University is the extensive range of sporting facilities on offer. During Freshers' Week, almost all sports offered taster or trial sessions and I was surprised by how much selection there was. I was able to try out many different sports such as badminton, swimming, athletics, rowing, and tennis.

Being a student at Bath also means I get free access to the swimming pool and I have enjoyed swimming and made use of this during the warmer months when I wanted to do something in less heat. Between the free pool use, other free services, and the student deal on gym memberships, the STV has allowed me to always have stuff to do even at times when I have not had much money, which to me has been a huge benefit.