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Academic Assembly terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Academic Assembly, including its procedural rules.

Terms Of Reference

Terms of reference

The Academic Assembly may discuss and declare an opinion on any matter whatsoever relating to the University, including any matters referred to it by the Senate, and, if it so decides, submit resolutions to the Senate. See Section 22.4 of the Statutes.

Procedural Rules


See Standing orders of Academic Assembly.

Membership and Appointment of Chair

Membership is defined in Section 22 of the Statutes. Chair is elected by Academic Assembly as prescribed in Section 22.2 of the Statutes and Ordinance 11.


There is no provision for co-option.


There is no provision for alternates.


There shall be a quorum at meetings of 25 members. See Section 28.1(iv) of the Statutes.

Rules for voting

See Standing Orders Section 10.


Recommendations are submitted to Senate and minutes are circulated to Members.


There shall be at least one ordinary meeting of the Academic Assembly during each year, within fifteen months of the preceding meeting, which shall be addressed by the Vice-Chancellor. See Section 22.3 of the Statutes. The chair may at any time at his or her discretion, and shall, upon the request of the Vice-Chancellor or upon the requisition in writing of not less than twenty members of the Academic Assembly stating the purpose for which the meeting is to be called, summon an extraordinary meeting of the Academic Assembly.

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