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Awards Committee terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Awards Committee, including its primary responsibilities and procedural rules.

Terms Of Reference

Terms of reference

  • The committee will publicise the awards and invite nominations, with students, in particular, being encouraged to put names forward.

  • Nominations should be accompanied by a brief supporting paper.

  • The committee shall first establish whether a prima facie case has been established. If this is established, the committee will then seek each candidate's permission to discuss the nominations more widely, eg. by consultation with students, academic colleagues, Head of School et al. as seems desirable.

  • The committee will make the Awards on behalf of Senate.

  • Unsuccessful candidates may be nominated for Awards in subsequent years.

  • Awards are presented to the winners at the Summer Award Ceremonies.

Procedural Rules

Appointment of Chair

The Chair will be the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching).


Membership of the Committee will consist of one representative elected by Academic Assembly, two past award winners nominated by the Chair and the Education Officer of the Students' Union.


See Senate Standing Orders 16(ii) and (iii).


See Senate Standing Orders 17(iii) and (iv).


There shall be a quorum at meetings of one-third of membership. See Senate Standing Orders 16.

Rules for voting

There are no specified rules for voting.


Minutes will be submitted to members and decisions shall be reported to Senate.

Version information

Owner: Awards Committee
Version number:
Approval Date: Approved by Council 17 July 1992, revised by Council 8 July 1994, and by Senate 1 March 2000, 21 January 2004 and 15 March 2006
Approved By: Senate and Council
Date of last review: 15 March 2006


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