Test platforms

Our test platforms act as bases on which you can build your ideal prototype construction. The 5m x 5m platform foundations allow for the creation of small temporary building structures up to 125m3. They are ideal for time-critical research and for validating laboratory test results. They can be used to monitor:

  • buildability
  • weather resistance
  • environmental performance
  • intelligent monitoring
  • laboratory validation
  • demonstrations
  • full-scale trials


The HIVE is made up of test cells for hygrothermal performance, flood and construction load research.

Hygrothermal cells

The cells test façades to prove the construction efficiency of materials under real-weather scenarios. They can test the energy efficiency of materials, air tightness and acoustic efficiency.

Double-storey cell

This cell allows you to explore the multi-level aspect of façade efficiency and create different internal scenarios. It also offers a strong roof capable of load testing large panels and floors.

Bladder cell

Use the bladder cell to carry out Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) testing on small panels. This tests the impact of windloading and retainment scenarios.

Flood cell

The flood tank allows for flood test façades and construction materials with water up to a metre in height. This helps to analyse the performance of the construction before, during and after flooding.