If you are a student living in University-managed accommodation, your personal belongings are insured by Cover4Insurance.

The insurance policy is not available to students living in nomination managed student accommodation or private housing. If you're not covered you will need to insure your belongings.

University accommodation insurance cover

If you live in the University's accommodation, on campus or in the city, you will be enrolled in the policy automatically.

You will only be covered by this policy if you live in:

  • Brendon Court
  • Canal Wharf
  • Carpenter House
  • Clevelands Building
  • Eastwood
  • Green Park House
  • John Wood Building
  • John Wood Court
  • Marlborough and Solsbury Court
  • Norwood House
  • Osborne House
  • Pulteney Court
  • Polden Court
  • Polden
  • The Lodge
  • The Quads
  • The Woodlands
  • Thornbank Gardens
  • Woodland Court
  • Westwood

If you want to review the policy or contact Cover4Insurance, you will need the policy number BATH2022.

What the insurance covers

The policy covers your core contents and possessions.

There is an excess on the policy, which is the amount you will have to pay for each claim you make.

Make sure you read the documents associated with your insurance carefully so you know which items are covered, and in what circumstances.

Items covered by the insurance policy

Your policy will cover you as follows:

Item covered Value of cover
Possessions Personal possessions up to £7,500 (up to £8,500 if you are registered as disabled)
Computer equipment up to £2,500
Personal possessions from communal areas up to £1,000 in total
Musical instruments up to £1,000 in total
Contact lenses up to £150
Landlord's property Up to £5,000 for theft or fire damage
Theft, damage or loss to belongings In transit at the beginning and end of term: up to £5,000
In University designated storage during vacations: up to £5,000
In University and Students' Union buildings: up to £500
Library Books Up to £250
University property on loan Up to £500
Replacement keys and locks Up to £50, following damage resulting from burglary
Rented household goods Up to £1,250
Personal money Up to £50, for theft from your room following forcible entry
Mobile phone Up to £750, for theft from your room following forcible entry
Credit/debit card fraud Up to £500, for theft from your room following forcible entry
Personal Accident Up to £10,000, on a scale of benefits
Accidental death or redundancy of a parent or guardian Up to £5,000
Legal liability for injury to others or damage to their property Up to £1,000,000

Items not covered by the insurance policy

Your policy will not cover you for:

  • theft from vehicles, except during transit at the beginning and end of each term
  • bicycles
  • mobile phones when outside your accommodation
  • items outside your accommodation

You can extend your cover to include items such as mobile phones, bicycles and items outside your accommodation.