Terms of reference

1) to undertake detailed scrutiny for grant of full approval to new programmes developed outside the new Academic Framework approved by Senate on 6 June 2018 and/or delivered by a collaborative partner and to make recommendations to Senate accordingly.

2) To consider and approve:

  • the arrangements for the delivery of an existing programme by a collaborative partner, following detailed scrutiny of their capacity to meet University of Bath standards.
  • the renewal of the arrangements for collaborative provision following detailed scrutiny of a collaborative partner's capacity to maintain University of Bath standards in their delivery of the programme of study
  • proposals for new, modified or renewed exchange arrangements, following appropriate scrutiny
  • major changes to programmes of study outside the new Academic Framework agreed by Senate on 6 June 2018 (other than the withdrawal of programmes or collaborative provision)
  • professional accreditation submissions
  • in relation to the School of Management Degree Scheme Review outcomes and action plans and determination of the process for monitoring and implementation of each action plan in line with expectations set out in the Quality Assurance Code of Practice
  • to approve cross-programme changes and policies relating to collaborative provision

Procedural Rules


The term of office for nominated members of the Committee is three years (renewable). In the event that a nominated member ceases to be eligible to serve, a replacement to serve for the remainder of their term of office will be nominated (renewable).


At the discretion of the Committee in accordance with Senate Standing Order 16.


Permitted in accordance with Senate Standing Order 17.


One third of the membership of the Committee Senate Standing Order 16.

Rules for Voting

There are no specified rules for voting.


Minutes are submitted to Senate, Academic Programmes Committee and Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee.


The Schedule of business and papers deadline.

Version information

Owner: Courses and Partnerships Approval Committee
Version number:
Approval Date: 9 June 2010, revised 22 February 2012, 13 June 2012, 15 October 2014, 6 June 2018
Approved By: Senate
Date of last review: 6 June 2018