To provide assurance to Senate on the quality and standards of educational provision at the University, in line with both external and internal frameworks and compliance requirements.


1) To provide assurances to Senate regarding the University's compliance with the Office for Students' Conditions of Registration that relate to learning and teaching.

2) To formulate and agree new policies and initiatives for learning, teaching and assessment, quality assurance and continuous improvement.

3) To approve exemptions from assessment frameworks and provide assurance to Senate that any amendments made, or suspensions granted, relating to quality and standards activities are appropriate.

4) To seek assurance that institutional risks associated with educational standards and quality are being identified and appropriately managed, escalating to the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee where appropriate.

5) To provide assurance to Senate of the quality and standards of the University's educational provision based on suitable institutional data, including but not limited to:

a) student learning, attainment, progress, admissions, and academic outcomes b) course performance data c) examinations and assessment d) placement, apprenticeship, collaborative, partnerships provisions and professional bodies

6) To provide advice to Senate and the Education Advisory Board on the implications for quality and standards of any educational strategies and policies under development.

7) To submit an annual report to Senate enabling it to provide appropriate assurance to Council on the quality and standards of the educational provision at the University.


Total Membership: a maximum of 8-10 voting members
Ex-officio roles: Associate Deans (Education)
Appointments: one member appointed by Senate for up to three years; two co-opted members who are internal to the University can be appointed by EQSC for up to three years
Chair: Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Secretary: a member of the Governance Office
In attendance: Director of Education and Student Services; Director of the Academic Registry and Director of the Centre for Learning and Teaching
Special rules: none

Version information

Owner: Learning, Teaching & Quality Committee
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Approval Date: 9 June 2010, revised by Senate 8 June 2011, 22 February 2012, 16 October 2013 and 7 June 2017
Approved By: Senate on 5 October 2022